Indian Armwrestling Federation

2/D, S.P.A,
Sector-5, Bhilai Nagar,
Distt- Durg (C.G.) India 490 006.
Cell: +91 62609 76233, 94255 64165 (WA)

         The game which requires high technical skills apart from muscular strength, above all requires mental strength, was introduced in India in early 70’s. Soon people started liking it, initially for fun sake, gradually started developing in professional way. Now it has reached to a stage where 28 states have adopted the game and all the state associations are working hard for its development.

21st Asian Arm Wrestling Championship-2023.

20th Asian Para-Arm Wrestling Championship-2023.

Venue: Bahi Palace Hotel, Ajman (UAE).
Date: 28th April to 4th May.
Organized by: UAE Arm wrestling Federation.
Under the Auspices of: Asian Arm Wrestling Federation (AAF)

45th National Arm Wrestling Championship-2023

Place: New Delhi.
Date: June (Date will be announced soon).
Organized by: Arm wrestling Association of Delhi.
Under the Auspices of: Indian Arm Wrestling Federation
For more details please contact:

Mr. Manoj Nayar
Gen. Secretary
Indian Arm Wrestling Federation
Contact No.: 62609 76233, 94255 64165 (WA)

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